Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world

Blaine’s a womanizer.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I just had to do this.

As Blaine enters McKinley high he woo’s all the girls. He’s a true womanizer. There’s just one problem…

Sometimes I wish I was a boy, so I could fall in love with a gay guy. Is that weird? Yes? No. Whatever, hope you enjoy!

I reblog this because of the new chapter and reasons. I’m planning on making one for chapter 19 too!

It’s dedicated to the awesome fanfic Little Numbers, written by heartwolf on tumblr. It’s a scene from chapter 18 where Blaine plays a song on his piano for Kurt. In my head (and so in the vid) they have a flashback of their journey together during the song. It’s their moment. They’re thinking about each other. And Kurt is realizing he belongs with Blaine. This is how I pictured this while reading the chapter. Hope you like it.