Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world

Klaine - I have nothing (HD)

New youtube version!

I have nothing if I don’t have Klaine.

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Glee - Klaine - I have nothing

I’ve been working on this all day. And wow, I’m such a proud mama right now! Usually after making a fanvid, you lose THE feeling it gives, because you’ve been working on it. But this vid still gives me chills. I think it’s my best work up to now.

Enjoy, it has all the Klaine-feels from last episode!

(For the ones who couldn’t watch it on youtube because it was already blocked…)

Klaine - a whole new world

Something I put together this evening while waiting for the new episode to air!
Klaine goes Aladdin!


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Glee - Klaine - I have nothing (watch in HD!)

This is actually preparatory work for the fanvid I wanna make after next tuesdays episode. So I didn’t put much effort in putting the clips on the music, it’s more random. But it also looks good this way so I wanted to share this too.


ps: sorry about the shower scene, I was short on Klaine-clips so I put that one in ;-)

Glee - last friday night & blame it on the alcohol mash-up


The moment Glee turned into an epic Love battle.

Title and vid say enough. Song: heart of courage by two steps from hell.

Enjoy, because we all love the drama!

A tribute to my all time favourite Disney character and first fictional crush: Clopin Trouillefou!

Hope you enjoy <3

Blaine’s a womanizer.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I just had to do this.

As Blaine enters McKinley high he woo’s all the girls. He’s a true womanizer. There’s just one problem…

Sometimes I wish I was a boy, so I could fall in love with a gay guy. Is that weird? Yes? No. Whatever, hope you enjoy!

Here it is, my Severus Snape fanvid. I know it’s maybe a bit long for a fanvid but you should know I started with every single scene and moment Snape’s face appeared. I wanted to include something from every movie and every scene since I wanted to do a ‘through the ages - vid’.
It hurt everytime I had to cut something. *sigh* Don’t you just love his face expressions and brilliant acting and his voice and and and…?

Please let me know what you think. I’m really new at this fanvidding and I’d like some feedback.

Songs I used are Harry Potter soundtracks.

So, after a lot lot lot of hours behind my laptop, 37 cups of coffee, 42 cups of tea with honey, a lot of delicious cookies, a mental breakdown, starting over because my editing program freaked out, watching whole season 2 of Glee to find the right clips, lots  of ooo’s and eee’s and aaahh’s, listening over 100 times to the piano song, rereading Little Numbers, and ofcourse, a lot of fun: FINALLY, my first fanvid ever.

It’s dedicated to the awesome fanfic Little Numbers, written by heartwolf on tumblr. It’s a scene from chapter 18 where Blaine plays a song on his piano for Kurt. In my head (and so in the vid) they have a flashback of their journey together during the song. It’s their moment. They’re thinking about each other. And Kurt is realizing he belongs with Blaine. This is how I pictured this while reading the chapter. Hope you like it.