Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world

Soooo apparently I’m a slytherin! And actually, I’m not so surprised. ;-) I wonder if some people get sorted in a house that’s completely wrong according to them?

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Here it is, my Severus Snape fanvid. I know it’s maybe a bit long for a fanvid but you should know I started with every single scene and moment Snape’s face appeared. I wanted to include something from every movie and every scene since I wanted to do a ‘through the ages - vid’.
It hurt everytime I had to cut something. *sigh* Don’t you just love his face expressions and brilliant acting and his voice and and and…?

Please let me know what you think. I’m really new at this fanvidding and I’d like some feedback.

Songs I used are Harry Potter soundtracks.

But we love the hair.

But we love the hair.

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